Countertop Fabricator in Mooresburg, TN

Marble Countertop — Countertops Fabrication in Mooresburg, TN
Justice Stoneworks LLC is a fabricator of custom countertops. If your residential or commercial space is in need of remodeling then we are the place to go for custom kitchen countertops, bath countertops, bar or kitchen island countertops, Fireplace stone and more.

Materials Available

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Soapstone

Quality Process

Each slab is thoroughly inspected before you receive it. To prepare for the cut, we create a template and determine the layout using the dimensions for your custom countertop to prepare for the cut. Next, one of our highly skilled and experienced fabricators uses our reliable and efficient cutting equipment to begin the cuts on your slab.

After the cuts are completed, a skilled artisan will then finalize the shape and polish the finished product. Before your custom countertop is delivered and installed, we perform a series of quality control checks which includes cleaning and a final inspection.
For questions about our products or countertop fabrication process, call Justice Stoneworks LLC today at 423-272-7026.